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صار الوقت بأنك تعلن لبراندك بطريقتنا إلي ترطب كبد الناس!



Environmental Impact

Brand/Ad Recall and Memorability

Visual pollution


Limited interaction

High physical interaction

Targeted audience

Untargeted audience

Moderately Memorizable

Highly Memorizable

Conventional billboards
اللوحات الإعلانية التقليدية

التأثير البيئي



قوة تذكر الإعلان أو البراند

صديق للبيئة

تلوث بصري

Prolonged exposure!

Our way offers higher engagement as recipients physically interact with the bottle, holding and using it, resulting in prolonged exposure to your Ad message!

تفاعل جسدي عالي

طريقتنا تقدم تفاعل أعلى بحيث لما أحد ياخذ البطل راح يمكسه ويطالع ويشرب، وهالشي يطيل من ظهور إعلانك أمامه!

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Your Ad Cannot Be Ignored!


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Currently, we are advertising to a limited number of interested companies exclusively and for free.. Soon we will start selling and share our prices..

Unlike Conventional billboards like street ones; pose a significant risk as they distract drivers, potentially compromising their safety on the road. Our priority is ensuring that individuals arrive safely at their destination. Instead of advertising while they're driving, we believe in promoting safety and offering a refreshing solution.

We believe Conventional Advertising Solutions can often be ignored by the audience due to their intrusive nature and lack of relevance to their interests or needs.

Imagine a person who drives along the same street every day, passing by a street billboard that displays the same Ad message repeatedly. However, this message holds little meaning for him as his sole focus is on reaching his destination. Upon arriving, he is greeted by
Mybalash, who hands him a refreshing bottle of water after his long journey. Suddenly, he notices a mini billboard on the bottle, featuring the same Ad message from the street billboard. Now, in a state of contentment and refreshed energy, he takes notice of the message and becomes interested in what it has to offer.This not only prioritizes people safety but also provides them an opportunity to engage with brands in a more meaningful, impactful and memorable way.

This scenario creates a more positive association with the advertisement, as it's accompanied by a gesture of generosity and utility. Akin to a friend offering assistance rather than a company solely interested in advertising.

This way we can effectively achieve our clients' goals of brand awareness, loyalty, and ultimately, increased sales and conversions.

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